Welcome to my on line portfolio, you are in the  biography section!


General High School graduate
2-year technical education (CTE) computer graphics-web design
1-year Ornerakis School of Applied Arts-comics-cartoon


♦ Experience

Worked mainly in User interface for web and corporate graphics from 2002-2011
From 2012 until now i study illustration, image scripting for games and painting


♦ Software skills

 ⊕ Corel   ⊕ Illustrator  ⊕ Photoshop  ⊕ Affinity Designer  ⊕ Substance Painter   ⊕ Unreal Engine  ⊕ Dreamweaver   ⊕ WordPress


♦ Design skills

 ⊕ Sketch  ⊕ Digital & traditional painting  ⊕ Graphic design  ⊕ Web design


Fluent: English
Beginner: German
Native: Greek


♦ Some words

I always design something or thinking of it. From early age i was almost compelled to express threw different materials, from charcoal, all kind of mediums, clay, metal, handcrafts and eventually Wacom pen. Later, symbols from shapes enriched the way of thinking, studied and became tools. I learned how to express in a simple and easy way, an idea, a service or a product, so i followed that path for several years. I am currently involved with concept art and game development.